Becoming a Valuable Asset to the World

Here it is, 1:09pm on a Tuesday and I’m picking Jamaican curry lamb out of my teeth from the cafe next door.  Why?  Well for one, where else am I going to get delicious plantains in this city? More importantly though, I’m in downtown Atlanta at the new Iron Yard campus and it’s a great place to grab a quick bite.  Two weeks ago to the day I was accepted to their Front End Engineering program, a 12 week bootcamp to learn all things HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  As far as software development and coding, I’m greener than a can of peas of St. Patrick’s Day and I’m here to blog about my journey from “zero to hero.”

Why am I even a part of this program? Call it a mid-20’s-life crisis, call it a career security blanket, the answer is: I’m not certain.  One thing I do know is I love the internet, what it represents for information exchange and making our world smaller, and I want to be a part of its continued future growth.  I also want to be able to bring my ideas to life!  There have been so many conversations with friends over ahem “coffee” that went something like this… “What would it be like if we made this?”  or “What if this app did less of this and more of this?”  or “Man I wish I could order a burrito easier…”  The point is, I’ve always surrounded my mind with thoughts of “what-if” yet have found that it rarely gets put into action.  It’s primarily because I feel like a child who can see the possibility of a K’NEX roller coaster – but doesn’t have the K’NEX roller coaster pieces to build it with! That’s where the Iron Yard experience comes in.

Look at how happy this child is! He had the tools to create his vision.

When the Campus Coordinator, Kyle Van Pelt, did the preliminary interviews he asked me point-blank – why do you want to be here?  And in that moment I told him the answer that I’m holding onto and will continue to hold onto.  I told Kyle, “I want to be a valuable asset to the world and bring my BIG ideas to life.”  And so far, we’ve been doing just that.  After only 6.5 days into the program we’ve built two webpages, pushed nearly 100 commits to GitHub, used the terminal more times than in the previous 26 years, constructed with HTML and CSS, and started a blog.  And we don’t even have those small initial heat bubbles showing at the bottom of this pot to boil.

This water is about to boil. It’s a metaphor for personal development, don’t you see?

I’m excited for my personal growth during this time, not just as a web/software engineer, but also as a man growing up into the person he’s always wanted to be.  Thanks for listening, tune in to see future posts.


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