Testing HeadSpace – Meditation App

As I continue to refine and reiterate My Morning Routine, I keep hearing 1 topic come up consistently among highly effective CEO’s, founders, entrepreneurs, self-starters, and various other people I look up to:


What’s that you say granola-head?  You want me to meditate?  Like repeatedly chant Ohmmmmm and connect deeply with past incarnations of myself – no thanks, not for me – that kind of stuff is for Ace Ventura.

AAAAhhhhaahhhaahhaallll-RIGHTY THEN

Sure, it’s safe to say meditation is not for everyone – nothing ever is… However, I find in my personal life that my mind is constantly bombarded with ideas, thoughts, and external stimuli and sometimes I just feel cloudy and need some SPACE!  Well that is exactly what Headspace is setup to solve.  Headspace is an application that walks the ultra beginner meditator through some guided, thought clearing exercises that take just 10 min a day and leave you feeling at peace.  You can get started for free and everything can be done from your mobile device.  I am testing it into my routine for the next 10 days to see if it fits.

Many experts and high performers swear by meditation as a daily or multiple days a week practice.  This post isn’t meant to convince you that meditation is the way – you can make your own call on that.  However, I am going to recommend that if you’ve always thought about trying out meditation and have heard good things, this would be a good place to get started.  Plus, who doesn’t have 10 minutes in their Morning Routine they can spare?


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