Bumper Balls, Mechanical Bull Rides, and Clear Tequila

Just another party at my gym.  This past Friday was hysterical.  The Buck Valentine’s Day Party event was a make-up event for the giant fail that was supposed to be a Christmas party back in December.  Luckily, like most CFNA failures, out of the ashes rises a phoenix of epic proportions in this, most likely to be, perennial showcase of good ole fashioned cockdiesel debauchery (which is honestly just a supportive community of like-minded, work-hard play-hard, couples, families, singles, and students getting together to have a fun time just before Valentine’s Day, it’s not like we’re Sons of Anarchy over here).


Here’s what CrossFit North Atlanta served up this past Friday:

  1. Rex-aritas
  2. Kill Cliff sponsored Battle Balls (beware, you will see people go splat below)
  3. A Mechanical Bull named “Buck”


The Rex-arita is a consistent journey towards simplicity, balance, and not taking life too seriously.  It can be crafted with 4 ingredients and must follow this procedure:

  • 2-4 parts, El Jimador Blanco (hoity-toity tequilas can take 2 BIG steps back)
  • 1-2 parts, preferably Nellie & Joe’s Famous Key Lime Juice, but simple lime juice will suffice
  • An ample, single squirt of agave syrup – do NOT spend the next 10 seconds visualizing this
  • Stir these ingredients together, your cup should be about 1/3 full.
  • Once stirred, add club soda or carbonated water to the top
  • Finally, add ice

This drink was the gasoline for the fire that sparked next…

Kill Cliff Sponsored Battle Balls:

Everyone was talking about the mechanical bull, but nobody saw the sleeper coming that was the Battle Balls… I need not explain… Just watch the video below.

This is not a high quality image - yet it should inspire you to watch the video.
This is not a high quality image – yet it should inspire you to watch the video.

A Mechanical Bull Named Buck:

Did you know you can rent a mechanical bull for your next party?  If you have the space – do it.  In the true fashion of our community, we busted out the whiteboard and started keeping track of best times and everyone started trying to one up each other, which just led to riskier and more ostentatious rides. It was great.  Again, video is the best explanation for how this went down.

The Epic Video

021315 Buck Party Highlights from CrossFit North Atlanta on Vimeo.


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