Some Final Project Ideas

It’s 5:40 AM – I can’t sleep – and I’ve got IY Final Project Ideas flowing – here’s a list a potential candidates:

  • Hold Me (the app) – My girlfriend loves to be held and I admittedly do to.  There is something primal and nurturing about a good, strong, loving hold and it is a focus and priority in our relationship to reserve time each day to do so.  Every couple is different, but I imagine if more people knew about the secrets of a good hold, relationships around the world could be improved dramatically – and what’s not to love about that!  Not sure where this app could go but it came to mind.
every couple should enjoy a good hold
  • Morning Routine App – yes I’m on a total kick recently about a morning routine and I think an app that made a morning routine customizable and was built into your phone’s API would be pretty cool, I certainly would use it.  It could be community based where people could share their morning routines with eachother and get a sneak peek of how highly successful people operate.  Again, definitely brainstorm phase but I think it’s got some momentum and could provide some real value.

side note: I see there are some apps that do this already, however building my own could be the exercise – plus competition always improves a marketplace and empowers the consumer.

  • Countdown to 30 App – This is a play off my friend Evan’s 1K Day Change concept where he asked himself one day – “I wonder how many days until I’m 30?”  He realized, ON THAT DAY, it was exactly 1000 days away (KRAZY like GLUE riiiiight!?!)  and he has shifted his entire life towards seeking personal achievements and entrepreneurship by the time he’s 30 – an inspiring journey he is now over 100 days into.  The countdown to 30 app would be a goal management, priorities aligner, and accountability manager to those who are looking to cause huge, constructive change to their lives.  It can be applied to all facets of life career, fitness, nutrition, health, family, significant others, travel… whatever is important to you.  It could also evolve to be a Countdown to 40, 50…. 100 to account for more mature populations.
  • Intermediate Level JavaScript Practice Exercises – Seeing as I’m now just a month into learning a new language, I find myself like any other language learner – needing to stay focused on practicing the fundamentals.  I’ve heard this termed as VIRTUOSITY –   I’m no longer in the “fully green” stage of learning to code – I understand basic syntax, ground rules, concepts of OOP, and have done some pretty cool stuff already with API’s – but I feel like I need more reps in simple, intermediate JS exercises to really sharpen this new toolset… like math word problems from 5th grade – find the value of x type stuff, not just what is 2 + 2.  This is completely ambiguous at this point, however I feel most of the resources I find online are for strict beginners learning to code and teaching what is a variable, what is a string… I need that next step in the learning curve and I bet I’m not alone.  It would also be highly convenient to be able to do this practice on a mobile interface.

  •  My Event App – Are you in charge of planning a project or event?  Something simple like a child’s birthday party or simple house party?  This app could walk you through step by step if organization is not your thing and prompt you along the way.  Instead of you doing all the thinking, it has that logic built in and you just logically build your checklist step by step.  This is my least favorite idea thus far but makes a clean 5.