Preparing to Ignite

Yes my title is from my new favorite podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire.  I’ve always been a fan of listening to podcasts for gaining knowledge and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, so when my close college buddy Evan turned me onto to EOF, I was sold instantly.  Evan also turned me onto his own personal blog and story – 1k Day Change.  Exactly 100 days ago, Evan asked himself, “I wonder how many days until I turn 30?”  When he googled it, he found that it was EXACTLY 1,000 days away – and it changed his entire world.  He immediately took a snapshot selfie in his bathroom mirror and set off on his 1k Day Change Adventure to becoming a brew master.  Over the last 100 days, he has quit his unfulfilling day job as an electrical engineer, microbrewed and bottled hundreds of holiday beers, sold those beers and donated the proceeds to charity, enrolled in a beer brewing academy in Chicago, and is currently taking a multi-month trip to China before he starts that academy.

This is not my friend Evan… but he will be the token white guy in China.

So I’m joining his 1 man army because his cause is inspiring.  I am making a small change to his 1,000 day change concept and making it my own.  On August 3, 2018 – I turn 30 years old – that is exactly 1,282 days away from today.

This is the actual Evan, on day 1 of 1,000!

Currently, I am in coding school learning Front End Engineering, web & app development, and JavaScript.  I have an undergraduate business management degree from Georgia Tech and have held 3 different positions since graduating in May 2010.   I’m totally on fire about becoming an entrepreneur and learning more about business, web development, creating functional applications that help people and businesses become successful.  That’s all for now, class is about to start.  Here is a snapshot of me on day 1 of 1,282 until I’m 30.

and dis is ME!