My First JS Game: Five Die

Started with some HW now we Here:

Our assignment this past weekend was to build a game using the libraries, frameworks, and languages we’ve learned up to this point… 5 weeks into the Iron Yard program.  There wasn’t much scope given for the project – just build something using object constructors and methods and have fun with it.  So I made the choice to create a simple, yet surprisingly addictive, dice game that I’ve played at parties over the years.

Introducing: Five Die

Five Die is simple, fun, and kind of addictive.  It can be played with, honestly, over a billion players (but it would probably be more effective in groups of < 10).

The Rules:

  1. The Goal is to get the lowest possible score.
  2. You MUST keep at least 1 die per roll.  (yes, you can keep >1 die if you like)
  3. The die values match the roll, 1=1, 2=2, 4=4, etc…. however, 3’s = 0.

So the best possible score is 0, it’s just unlikely.  Because there are 5 die, the maximum amount of rolls you can take is 5 (because you MUST select at least 1 die to keep per roll).

Just so you know it's possible...
Just so you know it’s possible…

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 1.42.39 PM



Post a photo of your best score and let me know if you like the game?  Some goals I have for it are to make it responsive for mobile and change some of the design aspects.