Let’s All Take a Moment and Start Respecting Each Other as Fellow Humans

I couldn’t believe my eyes this past Friday evening.  Picture this scenario: I’m in the Chick-Fil-A drive thru line, because I hear waffle fries spark incredible JavaScript programming capabilities, and I’m the next car in line to receive my food.  I shift my gaze to the car in front of me and I watch the transaction we’ve all seen hundreds of times before… where the person working the drive-thru window hands the food over to car’s driver.  Well in this particular situation, there were 2 bags being handed over, and during the handoff 1 of the 2 bags gets fumbled and falls to ground… RIP waffle fries.

WARNING: These are not actual waffle fries from Chick-Fil-A but a computer generated image of them taken from the internet. It is in your’s and your computer screen’s best interest that you do not lunge violently to grab at this waffle fries image.


Pause.  Picture yourself as the driver.  What would you do in this scenario? Would you…

a) Shake it off, pick up the dropped bag from the ground and hand it to the drive thru employee to throw away, and politely ask the person for a replacement?


b) Fly off the deep end, begin shouting obscenities and verbally berating the drive thru employee for their incompetence, demand that you be issued new food, and drive off without picking up the bag that YOU fumbled?

100% of us would answer a), well that’s make that 99.9999% of us.  Because this woman completely lost her cool and actually drove off without picking up the bag of food she dropped.

Now it’s my turn to receive food.  

I pull up, immediately open my door and collect the dropped bag of food – I then hand it over to the drive thru employee with a smile and we have a moment where we agree that the woman’s behavior was completely unacceptable and uncalled for.  Then I ask for extra Polynesian sauce and go about my night.

So what’s the takeaway here?

You could be having the worst day ever, but blatantly disrespecting and belittling another human being, who unquestionably didn’t deserve it and was doing no harm to you, is always in the wrong and that bad karma/juju is coming back around guaranteed.  It really left a poor taste in my mind witnessing that situation, and at the same time I’m thankful it happened because there have been times where I admittedly have been the one disrespecting someone else.  Maybe not to the extent of this situation, but I have taken the poison of self-righteousness in some past situations before and have had to make amends with each case because I strive for a clean conscious.  We may not get along with some types of people, or may constantly butt heads with someone’s viewpoint, but one thing we should always bring to the table is mutual human to human respect – because we’re all in this together, for better or for worse.